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Innovative Decontamination Solutions

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The Nanoclave Cabinet

Nanoclave Technologies is an innovator in the design and manufacture of products that utilise ultraviolet (UV) light to eliminate bacterial and viral contamination.

Our flagship product -The Nanoclave Cabinet, uses a 360° (6-sided) decontamination process and is clinically proven to eradicate all significant problematic pathogens in only 60 seconds.

Our unique and patented UVC technology has a wide range of applications throughout hospitals, laboratories and clean rooms, successfully decontaminating a broad range of medical equipment and electronic devices.


60 second decontamination cycle creates major time savings and rapid turnaround of equipment


Independently tested against all problematic pathogens including MRSA and C.difficile


Works on sensitive electronic equipment at room temperature and pressure, with no risk of moisture ingress


No harmful chemicals, consumables, or antimicrobial wipes required


A standardised, repeatable decontamination solution that eliminates human error

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